Things in VEXcode text update that (I think) need to be changed

There are a few things that need to be changed in VEXcode. My robot has a four motor drive train, but you can only have two right now. My intakes move on the same buttons, but you cant program two motors to one button pair. Also, I cant actually click on the joysticks on the controller settings to add motors to it. If I am wrong on any of these, someone please help

Also, currently you can’t actually add motors to a drive train, you have to make them in the drive train program

And everything in the program is in “view only mode” can I turn that off?

look at this post VEXcode V5 Text 1.0.1 - You Spoke, We Listened

Nvm only the motor programs, but I need to change the code there

everything you are describing can be done, just not using the graphical robot configuration. Advanced drivetrains, multiple motors per button, just about anything you can think of, but you have to configure manually using lines of code.

Configuration code for my 8 motor drivetrain
// 8 motors on the drive
vex::motor m_lb1(  PORT1,  vex::gearSetting::ratio36_1, true );
vex::motor m_lb2( PORT11,  vex::gearSetting::ratio36_1 );

vex::motor m_lf1(  PORT2,  vex::gearSetting::ratio36_1, true );
vex::motor m_lf2(  PORT3,  vex::gearSetting::ratio36_1 );

vex::motor m_rf1(  PORT9, vex::gearSetting::ratio36_1 );
vex::motor m_rf2(  PORT8, vex::gearSetting::ratio36_1, true );

vex::motor m_rb1( PORT10, vex::gearSetting::ratio36_1 );
vex::motor m_rb2( PORT20, vex::gearSetting::ratio36_1, true );

// two motor groups for left and right
vex::motor_group ml( m_lb1, m_lb2, m_lf1, m_lf2 );
vex::motor_group mr( m_rb1, m_rb2, m_rf1, m_rf2);

// configure my drivetrain
vex::drivetrain  Drivetrain( ml, mr, 320, 320, 360 );

oh okay i understand now. there’s a complex version, but I am definitely not a good programmer yet. I am a beginner, and I wish I would change some things that I guess you can only do in complex, which I don’t know how to actually program…

and theres only an “enable expert autocomplete” on my program, which doesn’t change the Graphical Device Configuration

And I’m sorry if I’m being extremely annoying to you guys right now, Im still upset about VCS. I had finally figured out how to code on that program and almost finished the autonomous, then I was told I had to basically relearn everything in a different program

you should have been able to import the VCS project and use it without needing to make any changes (assuming you were using C++ not blocks).


I did, but a lot of the aspects are different in VEXcode

I had to change a few things, but I havent even tested it yet so i dont know if it works

and with the update in VEXcode nothing saved in my program for some reason