Tie for places other than first...


It was actually a tie for fourth place… BUT fourth place goes to worlds and fifth place does not! They just ran a practice match to break the tie.

Good to know, maybe the GDC will now make an effort to say what to do. You did what we did, just run a practice match. (Love TM for making that work)

Question, did the tie breaker match have a higher score than the third place winner?

I actually wan’t there, just heard about it. We had school on President’s day for a hurricane makeup day so I have to miss the elementary. I’m sure they were very clear about what would happen. :slight_smile: The score on the website is the original tied score.

So what was done was from the game manual (and a call-in from our RECF rep), although applied to fourth instead of first.

The game manual states for qualifying matches ties are broken by removing the lowest score in each teams total, etc…

For Finals: they can play up to two tie-breaker matches, if still tied after those two matches then the higher seeded alliance from the qualifier rankings wins.