Timing of a High Hang

I’ve looked through the official Q&A and have not seen this question posted; I also do not have the account clearance to post to the official Q&A. Please forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere.

If a robot is performing a high hang at T=0, but unpowered at the end of the match the robot drifts back down before a referee can verify by sliding a hub underneath, does that still count as a high hang? We were thinking perhaps before the match, we could show the referees the robot is high-hang capable, but it will not hold without power.

easily solved through programming… just put a motor hold command and you should be good… what programming language are you using?

Modkit. I guess we’ve been missing the “set Holding to ON” command all this time. Thanks for the tip!

Is there an official Referee decision on how long a robot has to hang? We had 1 at League that was up, drifted down, and then back up. The final “high hang” technically occured after the match was over.

It’s where the robot is at t=0

There is another question about stopping the clock for autonomous. It is related to the high hang or low hang. Do you offer to stop the clock for autonomous when the robot is hanging? Or do you wait until the t=0 and see where the robot is?

We tell the roboteers that the clock stops when they put down the controller and say “STOP”

We measure right after that.

Motor hold function is your friend.

We make them go the whole minute, but I did ask for clarification. You never know with the GDC…

In VEXU auto they are allowed to end the auto period early, but that is for qualification rounds… Normally not an issue as once you put the controller down there is nothing that could possibly happen… UNTIL THEY START HANGING!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks sankeydd. This is a big question for the last event. Time management is a big part of any type of robotics or engineering. I hope GDC can answer before 02/23.