Tipping Point Matches


I am making this thread for people to post tipping point match videos and discuss strategies/robot designs used. Here is a video of a scrimmage:

While the robots aren’t very competitive, it does show the importance of guarding and stealing goals. It also shows how easy it is to knock over the center goal. Looking forward to any matches you find!


This is the first match I’ve seen and it looks like chaos!


This game is so much more fun to watch than change up. Still, interesting designs and strategies already!


Its hard to base everything off of one match, but I think it shows how well pushbots and simple single goal only bots can still do early season. that means the bar for a partner to be considered useful in a match is significantly lower than past years, but at the same time the ceiling for what good teams can do appears to be one of the highest yet. Which I think is just fantastic for everyone involved.

In tower takeover or change up, if you had a pushbot for a partner all you could ask them to do was play defense (and chances are, they wouldn’t be able to play very good defense) but this year there’s so much to do that even a simple pushbot can contribute a large amount to their alliances score.


As have taken part in that scrimmage (my team was a pushbot but got knocked out in semi’s)
I will say that pushbots, especially wider ones , are surprisingly effective early season, and can actually move mogos pretty well, with every team in the eliminations having at least one pushbot in the team.

Regarding this:

yeah the center goal tipped every single match and was never upright

It’s extremely chaotic and is even more fun to play, definitely my favorite game within these past two, its surprising how close some of the matches were, with the neutral mogos being dragged around in the last 3 seconds of some matches just over the neutral zone line that made the score tip completely in the other teams favor (see what I did there :wink:)


Thanks for the extra info! Do you happen to have anymore videos from the scrimmage?


sadly no, this was the only video we took ( at least from our school ) for it was finals and two of our teams made it. But I would be happy to answer any other questions (:


Given the ease of tipping goals, a good robot will probably need a mechanism to right goals that are knocked over.


Does that mean it’s basically futile trying to get rings on the branches?


Not necessarily. I think there are 3 times it is worth scoring on the upper goal. How easy it is to do them is another story though.

  1. Place rings on it at the very end of a match and your opponents won’t have time to move the goal.

  2. Place rings after you have paced the goal on your platform with under 30 seconds left as your opponents can’t risk touching it.

  3. Place rings after loving the goal inside your bot. Think of an itz not placing cones on a mobile goal.


Another scrimmage happened today! This time with robot events data. Here is the link to see the match info:


It is interesting to see what it took to have a winning score. Do you know if there is any video available from this competition?

So far, the only match I have seen is the one at the beginning of the thread. There is another tournament in Australia next month. Hopefully there will be some footage from that!

If I recall correctly I think one of the teams technically managed to score a ring on one of the branches of the tipped center goal


I wonder if tipping the yellow mobile goals will become a strategy as to score rings on their branches more “easily”.


Could be, regardless if rings are scored while tipped or standing they will be relatively easy to remove

at 1:29 in the video

Did he just help the other team score? What was the plan here?

Either way, TiP looks very fun and there’s gonna be a wide variety of robots this year.

The plan was probably they wanted to steal the mobile goal, but the 30 sec. mark was approaching meaning they needed to get away from the platform.


Here is an event livestream with lots of matches! (Matches started around the 1:40 mark)


Day 2: