Tipping Point Meta

I would definitely concur with this, as there is likely going to be a lot of pushing this year. You will want a torque drive to counter defense and be able to push others around so to speak.


Why is this thread tagged as “worlds 2021”?


600 w/ a 3:7 is 257rpm, what most teams are choosing vs the other 200 with a 5:3

Pneumatics viable with the new rule?

Pneumatics are basically free from a theoretical standpoint, should be interesting to see what teams do with em given how limited the number of usages is

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Hi, I am just wondering what dr4b means? I have seen a lot of people use the term and i am just curious as to what it means. Thanks!

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Its a common and very good type of lift, double reverse 4 bar. see this document about them:


Yeah, I agree that torque is definitely the way to go. I would also like to point out how many robots had trouble even getting on the bridge in VEX IQ Crossover, much less balancing it, due to not enough torque and precision with fine adjustments, both results of too speedy of a drivetrain.


When I was reff’ing crossover, there were teams that wouldn’t let their teamwork partners get onto the bridge. I guess they were thinking they would “win” the teamwork challenge that way?!?!


Eh, maybe they wanted to show off. But I think that a balanced bridge is more impressive than a couple more scored hexballs…

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Read the rules again, SG3 and SG10 combine to prevent this.

Yeah I also saw this, but what I was talking about was the big heavy robots physically not being able to get up because they were so loaded down.

What y’all think about this design?
There’s a lot of ideas to take note of


I think this looks like a good idea except for the fact that the standoffs the hold the mogos look flimsy.

i think it’s great, the conveyor could be faster, and the ring holder could be polished up, and the back mogo holder could use channels instead of standoffs

for a robot in 3 days, that’s pretty good. gives a nice basis for the rest of us to pick apart flaws and improve our respective jankbots


Some polls on what we think the meta will be:

Mobile Goal Capacity:

  • 0 Goals
  • 1 Goal
  • 2 Goals
  • 3 Goals
  • 4 Goals
  • 5 Goals
  • 6 Goals
  • 7 Goals
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Ring Capacity

  • 1-3
  • 4-6
  • 6-10
  • 10-15
  • 15-20
  • 20+
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Drive speed (on 4" wheels)

  • -200 rpm
  • 200 rpm
  • 257 rpm
  • 280 rpm
  • 300 rpm
  • 333 rpm
  • 360 rpm
  • 400+
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What to put on platforms?

  • Mobile Goal
  • Park
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Drive Type

  • Standard tank
  • Tank treads
  • H drive
  • Mecanum drive
  • X drive
  • Other
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(This is a wiki, so people can add more polls if they wish)


was thinking of a 62a-ish 6m drive defense bot with a passive ringle poker and a mogo lift, but mogos may be worth more than ringles

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9 match load rings says otherwise? Even if you dedicate the entire match to gobbling ringles and somehow prevent them getting a single ringle that starts on the field, they still have 15 ringles that you can’t even touch (3 each preload + 9 match load). That’s enough to get 101 points if they obtain the tall tree.

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I think the meta will be a robot with a 6-8 ring capacity and room for MOGO’s with a 257-280 RPM drive train. In my eyes, this does not seem very hard but my team says otherwise. I think the toughest part would be the 2 MOGO’s but we can find some flip-out mechanism (fork lift) to solve that.


The neutral mogos are the most important game elements. The big neutral mogo especially is important, because it has the potential for at least a massive 104 points (I’m not really sure how many ringles can fit in the base). That’s more than ownership of 5 goals, or elevation of 2 goals and ownership of 1 goal.

However, even if you manage to completely and utterly dominate the big mogo, you can still be beaten with the other mogos. If you score 8 ringles on top, 8 ringles on middle, and the rest of the ringles somehow in the base, and elevate the big mogo, it just ties 5 elevated mogos. And that’s assuming you somehow get each and every ringle, which is more or less impossible.

The big mogo is unavoidably important, don’t get me wrong. But my point is that you still have to be competent in the rest of the match to make it worth it.