Tipping Point Resource Share Thread

I’m imagining this thread as a place to share resources, especially for beginning teams.

To Start with, I’ve added a blank document I’ll be giving my team members to start their analysis of Tipping Point. I’ll try and add items to this list as they come in, assuming other folks are interested and I can keep up.


Other things that could go here:

  • Good analysis videos
  • Reveal videos for early bots and meta-bots
  • Videos showing how to design key systems that are relevant to this game (eg. DR4B was key for ITZ)
  • ???

I added two more links - a full CAD model someone Johny_24k loaded in OnShape, and a video of a constructed platform being really wobbly uploaded by @kaelem in another thread.

Nice! That OnShape thing was actually me. I did my best to organize all the parts into folders and rigid group components for the game elements, but let me know if you you find any issues.

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You did an AWESOME job man, I was so stoked to see it already made. It’s a great toy to play with before we can get our hands on the real thing. It’s clear if you move things around that you can really only get 4 mobile goals on the platform, and looks like 7 or 8 rings on an alliance goal post.

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I can’t add to the top post anymore. 2 updates:

  1. It seems like the wobbly platform in the main post is not normal.

  2. Here’s a video about VRC VR Skills:
    VRC VR Skills Introduction - YouTube

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