Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 13-MAR-2022 - Close (maybe) of the Regular Season

I thought I’d read that today was the last day for events that qualified to World’s, however, I think there may still be a few stragglers. And then of course there are the “Pre-World’s Tune Ups”, including the fabulous Brass Boot competition in Michigan, as well as CREATE!

At any rate, rankings updated at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/ and I’ll continue to update thru World’s, though without any more summary posts here.

The season has now (mostly) concluded, after recording nearly 55,000 matches, played by exactly 7600 different teams. I hope everyone had a fun season. For seniors not going on to World’s, I hope you have fond memories of your time in Vex, and hope it has led to some life-long friends and a passion for STEM-related fields. Some of you, this year especially, may also decide that arguing rules and regulations is a passion and may decide to head to law school, eventually. That’s OK too. :slight_smile:

Teams in the Top 50 are all very competitive. I think it’s clear there are some teams that have differentiated themselves, especially with repeated success at Signature Events. Both PiBotics and Freedom Gladiators seem to head to World’s as recognizable favorites, but there are many teams with designs and desires on winning Divisions and seeing where the chips fall in the “Elite Eight”.

Good luck to everyone competing at World’s. It is a great accomplishment to have qualified. Please remember to thank your mentors, teachers, schools, and (most importantly) your parents. Attendance at World’s can be a huge financial undertaking for some, and I hope that teams who have qualified all find the means to attend.

Looking forward to meeting many of you in-person!