Tips On What PID And Odometry Are And How To Learn Them?

Hello All,
I have been reading through different forum posts and found a lot of mentions about PID and Odometry. What exactly are these, how to use them, and how to learn them?
My basic knowledge is that PID stands for Proportional, Integral, and Derivative, but I would love more information, especially since I am a programmer!
Thank you!

There are so many topics about this, please use search, for example.



This paper is pretty much all you need for PID in vex:
introduction_to_pid_controllers_ed2.pdf (400.2 KB)

Also, free odom and PID (for VexCode Pro V5) right here:


Thanks, I’ll be sure to check these out! I should have searched in the first place, but it totally slipped from my mind!

Thanks! I’ll check them out!