Tower Takeover Designs/Strategies

So I am looking at the new game released and already starting with some possible designs. I am thinking of a 4 bar lift with little hooks to grab the cubes. Are we allowed to take cubes out of towers? so if We find a team is piling a color and they have it in the tower we can take it out? Also what kind of autonomous is recommended? Should you focus on the color cubes that are on your side or should you put a purple cube in a tower too?

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Yes, see this FAQ post:

What is interesting to notice is that there is no rule against placing cubes inside the opponents’ alliance tower.

That being said, if you could put a cube in their tower before they get there, I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be a violation of . So if you put a cube of one color in your opponents’ tower and just keep putting that color back whenever they try and swap it for a different one, that also could potentially be completely legal.

edit: nvm this is illegal

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Um, no.

In the reveal video, it says explicitly that “Alliance towers may only be utilized by robots from that alliance.”

The reveal video isn’t an official source of rules, only the game manual, appendices, and Q&A are. That said, placing cubes into your opponents’ alliance tower is prohibited by <SG5>:

<SG5> Keep Cubes to yourself. Robots may not intentionally drop or place Cubes on an opponent Robot, into an opponent’s Goal Zone, or into an opponent’s Alliance Tower.


oof rip my metabreaking strategy

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Yeah, that strat would totally defeat the purpose of alliance towers

Extending Reverse Stacker (v1) - Tower Takeover - VEX VRC - YouTube this is what I was thinking

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This is a similar design


Anther design is a chain lift with a quad roller
Think FRC Power up
Or look at a robot that won worlds for FRC Recucle Rush

FRC Power Up was a very different comp than tower takeover, for one there was a one cube possession limit and for two you were just throwing cubes randomly into scales not stacking them. Plus FRC is very different from VEX as far as best mechanisms go just due to the different parts used

This hit me very hard my first year of FRC. I was kind of expecting just Vex scaled up, but I was very wrong. The biggest difference is the increased motor power. You can do a lot more a lot more easily than in Vex.
Another big difference is the parts available. There are some very high quality pieces, allowing for more applications, as well as custom parts being a lot more easily made and applied.

Some more about my FRC experience

Obviously, everything is on a larger scale. When you succeed, you succeed more. When you fail, you fail harder.
Vex is very budget friendly in comparison. When you look at some of the top FRC teams, they literally have NASA engineers at their beck and call (or the equivalent). Cost is huge, and FRC takes some real dedication, while some schools can halfheartedly sponsor a Vex program with some interested students.

But, my Vex experiences were kind of valuable to my FRC team. I brought new, unorthodox ideas to the table, and, while we didn’t do that well, we had some spectacular concepts. For example, we pioneered a strafing H drive with essentially a custom chassis, and apparently that was brand new to a lot of scouts who I personally talked to.

But, my Vex experience can’t carry the team. We had some great team members and spectacular mentors to help us through it. To this day, I can pick out failures I tried to point out early and was assured it’d be fine. But, despite me being ultimately right, I’m not sure I could have done better with my opposing ideas.

When we lost funding (long story. It wasn’t just funding), we scaled ourselves back into FTC. I felt right at home in size, but I was still in the FRC mindset like everyone else. I was always skeptical of certain things, but, as stated above, I didn’t exactly have a better (and easier!) idea.

That just goes to show how every league is different, and how we can’t just copy and paste ideas around and hope they work.

However, as different as FRC is, we can still draw from it quite a bit. But PowerUp may not be the game to look at beyond a certain point. Recycle Rush had a more similar object manipulation pattern, even if the objects are different.


Does anyone have ideas for autonomous strategies/‘routes’. I am a first year programmer for my team and therefore need ideas.

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