Tower Takeover Robot motor usage

For your robot, how is your 8 V5 motors (or 12 cortex motors) used in your Tower Takeover bot?

So I use a 3m H drive, 2m intake, 2m lift, and 1m tilter. 3m as an H isn’t sufficient in my eyes.

4 motor holonomic drive, 2 on our drab, and 2 on our claw.

4m drive, 1m intake, 1m stacking, 1m lift, 1m 4bar and lock release

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My robot uses 4 motor omni drive, 2 motor intake, 1 motor tilter, 1 motor arm.


4 motor 340 rpm drive
1 motor 100 rpm tilter
2 motor 200 rpm intake

4 m 200 rpm drive
1m 14 rpm lift
1m 20 rpm tilter
2m 200 rpm intake

i would be suprised if anyone is actually going to use cortex motors this year as a chioce over V5

Only if they don’t have v5 since it’s much better. Or in theory if they needed more motors over good motors.

With all of the motor sharing techniques out there, I doubt it. A bot with a need for more than 8 motors on top of motor sharing more than likely has a design too complex to be manageable


5 motor base
1 motor intake
2 motor lift

4 motor tank drive
1 motor tilt
2 motor intake
1 motor arms

4m direct mecanum base
1m 1:7 100rpm tilter
1m 1:7 100rpm geared lift
2m direct 100rpm intake

6 motor 250 rpm drive
1 motor 20 rpm lift
1 motor 150 rpm claw

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6 motor drive?!?!?
What calls for 6 motor drive?



Well yeah, but even with 4 motors you can do defence very well

But not as stronk as 6

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It just seems like you could use those 2 motors on other parts of the robot that need them more. Though it would make sense if you had like a detachable wallbot with h drive

2 motor tank drive 2 dr6b 2 intake 2 secret wallbot project