Tower Takeover Tournament Simulator and Illinois Virtual State

Hello everyone!

Ever since the abrupt end to the Tower Takeover season last spring, I’ve been wanting to find a way to relive, so to speak, the last few events that weren’t able to happen. So, inspired by the Virtual Worlds Fantasy Robotics Tournament, I decided to set aside some time these past few weeks to create a full tournament simulator. This simulator assigns scores based on a random selection from a team’s top 15 match scores throughout the season, just like Virtual Worlds, but also chooses an autonomous winner based on teams’ season auton win rates. My simulator also has some extra features, such as:

Match logs!


Between match events!

And more RNG!

The full source code is available at . I’ll be updating the Readme of that repository with more details on usage and match events at some point as well.

I’ll also be livestreaming a simulation of the Illinois State Championship using this program this Saturday starting at 11 am CST alongside my teammate, Shri. If you want to see who’s crowned Illinois state champions or see the program in action, be sure to tune in at

For more details and a full schedule, check out Hope to see you then!

Nathan | 8995M


Oh wow really cool! :smiley: