Training New Event Volunteers

I am running a very large event this summer. I will be tasked with training many new volunteers who then may be helping with other competitions throughout the year. Some of these volunteers will be coming from large corporations/groups and many will be new to VEX.

Big on my wishlist: training modules for some of the jobs with written as well as short videos. A 3-5 minute video to accompany the job description. This training module would then be followed up by on site training. It would show an overview of the job.

For referees, for judges (including the different styles of judging-like in pit interview as well as formal presentation interviews,) for inspectors, for scorekeeper/timekeeper and for queuing. It could also include a time-lapse video of field set up with helpful hints (like remove the plastic wrapping before you assemble the troughs.)

Has anyone out there done videos like this?

**Suggestion **- This might be a very useful and enormously helpful addition to the “online challenges” for the VRC].

We are running a vex regional promotion this year, some members of the vex team are coming in

For the referees: we have given them a manual and they have had 1 month to read it through

Judges: The vex guys are doing this

The day before the event, we are having a mini meeting about structure etc, rules and regulations etc …

But with training you need to think about the full thing, roles of everyone who is coming and set roles, as set roles we have a group of 5 people “Action Response” who did all of the training and can do all roles incase people are absent or ill etc … i suggest you do something similar to this …

Any word on when new training video for Toss Up refs will be released?
I don’t want to be promising this as a resource if it is not available before July 31 2013 event.

Rich and Karthik are filming them today and tomorrow. I don’t know if post-production will be done before July 31 – we’ll of course try, but no promises.

Thanks for the info.