Transmission gears

I was looking at some old nbn robots transmissions as our team is interested in investing some research about them for our next season since itz was kinda a bust. I noticed that for transmissions that use pneumatics the changing gears have this chamfered edge to them and I was wondering how most teams made them, did they put the gears on an axile and run them against a belt sander? or did they use a different technique I am unaware of.

I’ve built three VEX transmissions myself, and had youth on my teams build several. They work fine with gears as they come from VEX – you don’t need to ease the corners.

This is what I did for NBN, and I found that it did help with shifting. This was on a belt sander.

I do know of one team that actually sanded each individual tooth edge, however this would take a ton of patience and I’m not sure you much it would actually help.

He talks about how he did it in the thread (I don’t really know how to link to a specific post).

Here’s how I did it for that post: First, I went to the thread you indicated. Then, I found the post where @Cameron Schiller described his beveling process. Then, I selected a piece of text from the post that was unlikely to occur in a lot of places and copied it. (It doesn’t have to be unique, just has to appear in the post you want to link to.) Then I clicked in the “Search” box, put in a double quote, pasted the piece of text I copied, and put in a closing double quote. Hit return.

The post I wanted appeared as one of the hits in the search. I copied the “show in context” link in the post header. Look here:

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That link will send you to the correct place in thread of interest.

Sounds complicated, but it only takes a couple of clicks, and a couple of copy-pastes.

Oh okay, thanks for teaching me! It would be super nice if they (VEX or maybe it needs to be Esotalk) added a link to post button.

There is a quote button at the top right of the box of a specific post. If you select that, then copy the text that appears in your response box, then put it into your target thread, it should still work

Using the quote button, while helpful, doesn’t provide a link to the post, and doesn’t put it in the context of the thread in which it appeared. It quotes the text.

Easiest way:
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Thank you! That’s so much better!

It never occurred to me that the timestamp might be the link, and I never checked.