Tray Bot concept for rise above

I know that their is already a topic for robot ideas but I feel that this needs its own topic. Right now I am working on a tray bot for rise above and am wondering if anybody thinks that this is a viable robot. The thing that is stumping me right now is the intake because you have to flip the riser onto the tray then you have to move the riser out of the way for a new riser to flip onto the tray. The robot will be like a TT simple tray with no moving arms. I do not have my tilter on yet but it will be like a TT tilter.
MVIMG_20200502_225217 (1) MVIMG_20200502_225223 MVIMG_20200502_225217 (1) MVIMG_20200502_225243


Dang. I would really like to see how that intake would work. Are the risers going to just fall out the back? Or is there going to be a tilter like TT robots?

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I think there is gonna be a tilter

It is going to be a tilter

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The part that is dangling off is the second stage that I’m building. The intake is going to be the hardest part of this robot because you have to tilt the riser into the tray and still move up the tray.

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L u c k y! I am in VRC and all I have to prototype with is a small vex IQ kit and some stuff lying around the house

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Honestly I think making it vertical would be better. I don’t think the risers are as unstable as the cubes from TT.

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I have been thinking about that too because that would get rid of the hardest part that I have been building but now the problem would be getting rid of the stack.

Have the intakes contact the upper half of the risers, which will tip them backwards and into the tray


BTW I’m loving those drive shafts.

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How tall is your robot design?

maybe an intake like high rise vrc game