Trying to Figure Out Change Up Folding Intakes

210Y VEX Change Up RI3D Reveal
99999v Change Up Early Season Reveal

In these 2 reveals the intakes flip out from the sides.

How are they stuck back there and released?

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There are many ways to do flip out releases. I encourage you to look up different locking mechanisms on the forums and online in general. Here’s a relatively good video of general locking mechanisms (in the context of Vex):

You’re gonna need to ask more specific questions if you want more insight on the reveals you linked.

Well, I already have our robot finished with similar intakes to 210 Y, You want to maybe have a hole or standoff where an axel or flap can sit. Then you deintake and that pushes the intakes out and the rubberbands eventually pull in the intakes.

Thanks I will try that.

Thanks for the video

Those 2 intakes are both offset by using 45 degree gussets to mount them. It allows them to get a more desirable intake position because of their intake design.


my intakes like scrape against the top of my rear wheels, which means they’re held back just with friction between the rollers and the wheels. when I spin them, they pop free.


Jay9421V If you were able to figure out the flip-out intakes, do you mind sharing how? I’m a beginner.

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Hey this may be late but I have a video of my teams old release mechanism. It isn’t exactly what you mean but it may help you come up with a concept.

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