Good Morning, Campers!

Has any of you any experience trying to use TurboCAD for Vex or similar design?

I happen to have a couple of versions of TurboCAD hanging around, but I thought I should see if anyone cared to comment on how foolish I’d be to try to use it for models.:wink:

I did a search of the forum, but the only hit on “TurboCAD” was in the “CAD”,“CADD”/“design”/“drafting” debate.


Hi Eric,

To my knowledge no one here uses TurboCAD, but hey, someone might.

The most popular 3D CAD programs here are probably SolidWorks, Inventor and maybe ProEngineer. There are also a few users who do animation with 3D Studio Max and several people who know AutoCAD.

Cody Smith,

Because Vex has an Educational Root, the CAD Programs that smartkid mentions are “the standard”, because of the Vendor’s Support of Education…

To the best of my knowledge, Turbo Cad is fine, it works and is used in the Industry, for Real Work…

I did not used TurboCAD before. But I used GStarCAD usually. It meet most of my need