Two different teams with identical robots

I was reffing at a Vex IQ league the other day and I was score-keeping a teamwork match where both teams had the same exact robot (they weren’t under the same organization either). By identical I do not mean overall design, but rather every single piece was in the same location. The only differences were colors of some parts and placement of some pins/standoffs. Is this legal?

Sure. As long as the robots can pass inspection they are legal to use in competition. Whether or not they will received judged awards is dependent on the notebooks, interviews, etc .


Towards the end of the season you will see more and more of this as the designs consolidate.

It’s why I have my teams put random parts on their robot, just to make it different (just kidding, but I had team that was identical to another team EXCEPT for a string of ramps from last years field that ran up the back)

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