UK Competitons

When I went to to look for a competition near me, I only found one VEX IQ coimpetition in the whole of the UK which lead me to believe that that was the National competiton. Is there not meant to be local and regional competitons first or only the one on 9th of October in Coventry?

Across most of the world, events are not being posted nearly as quickly as in previous seasons, due to the worldwide pandemic and associated uncertainty.

Check back periodically in a couple of weeks, and you will probably find more events posted.


I would add teams may not be registering yet as they do not know what their local requirements will be this season. I would not worry so much - we are all trying to figure it out.


Theres a little bit of an issue going on right now with some virus thats causing a lot of events to be delayed or canceled.


Thank you for the reply.

The UK season is running to a revised timescale this year. Usually, most local events are September to February with the UK National Championships in March as a qualifier for Worlds. It is not realistic for this season so regional events will be pushed back, as will Nationals. Drop an email to the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation RSM for the UK to get on the mailing list and keep updated:

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Is the implication here that Nationals won’t be the qualifier for Worlds this season (especially if it’s getting pushed back)? If so, what will qualifying for worlds look like?

Nationals will certainly be after Worlds this season.
There will be other ways to qualify for Worlds. As above, drop an email to the RSM and get added to the mailing list for updates, there will be something going out to all UK teams this week. If you are a team that has taken part in the last 2 years, your team mentor will get the email anyway.