Unable to install PROS in Windows 10

I recently downloaded PROS version 2b10 from SourceForge, and installed it on both a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 laptop. It works great on Windows 7, but not on Windows 10. On Windows 10 I see the following problems:

• The Vex Cortex PROS Project item is not present in the File/New menu
• The Vex menu is missing from the main menu bar
• The PROS perspective is not available

Has anyone else had similar trouble with PROS in Windows 10? If so, have you found a solution?

I have posted and will continue to update a service ticket on the Purdue SIGBOTS site on SourceForge (https://sourceforge.net/p/purdueros/tickets/?source=navbar); the gory details are in that service ticket, so I see no reason to repeat them here.

P.S. Thank you Purdue ACS SigBots! This is a great tool!

Hi @DavidGauntt,

We’ve migrated to GitHub hosting. You can download the latest version here.

All of the bugs you posted should be fixed on the version released by GitHub - please let us know if they’re not.

Hope this helps!


How come the sourceforge page hasn’t been taken down?

Right now it seems it’s rather hard to find the installer. I’m guessing you’re working on this, but it’s been a while since the update.

Yup, no one on the team right now has access to the SourceForge page. This post reminded me I need to contact the original owner of the PROS project, which I did. The page will be updated as soon as I get the access. Also, apparently we can’t go in and claim it because SourceForge support is bad.

Oh, thank you! This clarifies a lot. I was worried that support for PROS had dried up since the last change on SourceForge was back in 2014.

If you Google “PROS Vex”, you get lots of hits on the SourceForge site, and very few on GitHub. There have been 38 downloads this week alone from SourceForge. If you can’t kill the site, try to post a notice on the SourceForge site announcing the migration.

I just downloaded PROS from GitHub, and installed in on my Windows 7 laptop. It managed to overwrite my PATH environment variable. Has anyone else seen this problem?

The PROS installer does have an option to modify PATH. We use NSIS to create the installers and it has a limit of something like 1024 characters long, which we expect very few users to run into that issue. As far as installing, we’ve been using the same script to append to PATH the various utilities since PROS was first released and this is the first we’ve heard of overwriting the PATH variable. Can you elaborate a little more what you mean by overwriting? It wasn’t a simple append?

This still didn’t work for me.

It still isn’t showing the vex cortex project, anybody have an idea to do?

Hi Murf, do you have the latest version of Java installed (Java 8)?


Edit: No… Reinstalls… Let me see if that works.

This is the error code I am now receiving after reinstalling Java and PROS…

Edit: Got it! For those of you wondering that get that error, just reinstall the JRE!

Just to clarify for others: the issue is most likely that there’s a mismatch between 32/64 bit versions of Java and Eclipse. Eclipse/PROS and Java must both be x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit). The PROS installer doesn’t detect this mismatch - it only determines if you already have Java installed.