Universal Change Up Scoring App

Introducing the new (unofficial) https://vexscoring.app/! This free app fulfills all your scoring needs with specialized modes for in-person matches, skills, live remote tournaments, and ORCAH matches. It supports up to 7 balls per goal for in-person and skills, and up to 15 balls per goal for live remote tournaments.

You can use it in a browser (with internet connection) or download for offline use as a Progressive Web App on most mobile devices. To download it on iOS devices click the share button on safari, and then click ‘Add to Home Screen’. On Android devices, an automatic pop-up will appear asking if you want to download.

More information about ORCAH can be found at https://www.orcah.org/

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The pwa often breaks for me; returning a .html instead of the intended page. Could you make an iOS app with Cordova?

We are aware of an issue where pages won’t load, and will just show invisible text saying 'Loading…" in top left corner, still working on fixing it, pretty sure it’s related to the service worker. The intended files are .html’s tho so not sure what you mean there. First time I’ve heard of Cordova, looked into it a bit but main issue for me is probably having enough time. Usually app will work if the cache is cleared and page reloaded.