After the cancellation of worlds me and my team feel very unmotivated as it was the first worlds we qualified for. Canada Cup is coming and I was just wondering if it was worth doing a rebuild over even though the season is basically over. We just don’t want to pour more blood, sweat, time and tears into our rebuild if there is no guaranteed that Canada Cup will still be going on.


I totally get it. We qualified for the US open, and it got cancelled just a couple of days ago. Our entire team has also been unmotivated.


It’s been rlly tough, I just wanna…Run with scissors. :pensive:


We still rebuilt the whole robot for worlds just because we wanted to show our selves that we can do it. And if your robot isn’t going to do well. Rebuild. If it is going to get cancelled, then still work on it so you can say that you completed the winning robot.



Lost first round of elims at the world championship 3 years in a row, and the final Worlds event where I had another chance at potentially advancing was cancelled. Imagine how unmotivated I have been feeling because of these events. Being unmotivated is something you can last a long time as if it’s an addiction, and if you don’t snap out if it the demotivation can become permanent to your character. The only way to motivate yourself is by inspiration-either asking other’s for advice, like what you are doing-or by determination.

May I ask you, do you wish to be weak? Or do you wish to be strong?
Being weak is not being pushed down by your emotions, but letting yourself continue to be pushed down. For me, I realized that the greatest common factor for my demotivation is when I compare myself to others. When I compare myself to others, I start to believe that I am not capable of creating a competitive robot, but then I stumbled on this video. This single video has been the motivator in times where I get demotivated, and I watch it whenever I feel like I have hit rock-bottom.

Also, don’t give up. “Don’t Ring The Bell”

I get where you are going through. I had two events that I was planning for. One (for Pi Day!) was for a city school. We don’t get much visitor activity by supporters of their roboteers, but with the event in their back yard (just walk over to the school) I was expecting more. This coming Saturday was to be our Elementary Extravaganza with drones, bomb robots, table cloths, awards from First to Fifth place, plus Amaze, Build, etc. Free gift of the Virus IQ sort trays to every team. Pfffft, events gone in two phone calls. First year to get 12 VIQ events in a season!! NOT!

So I’m trying to re-channel and re-kindle that energy into something else for a few weeks while we all do the corona-dance and let RECF and other orgs figure out and decide what to do, since nagging them isn’t going to be helpful.

So pulling other projects off the shelf. Hit Microcenter up for a cheap Pi 3+, a Pi Zero and a Pi 4 with 4GB of memory. Built the Pi Zero W into a Pihole Advertisement DNS blocker. It was fun and didn’t take long to build this morning.

Did a 15 min tune-up of the grandmunchkin’s bike for summer, looks great and runs great. They got to ride and it was fun day.

Think of things you have on your “Someday I’m gonna do that list” (or maybe start that list) and pull things off and do them. FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, etc all still deliver, put your parts list together and go. Take online classes, learn a new computer language for fun, become a certified VEX instructor! (https://education.vex.com/) Start CADing up that new part you’ve always wanted.

Lots you can do, take this extra time between now and when RECF figures things out to do something. Not the time to binge watch “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” and be a sofa lump, but a time to re-purpose a chunk of time that you were just given to do something cool.


I think Foster you hit the nail on the head - keep busy at developing skills. One really important thing to do is to set up a schedule for yourself and friends online. School is terrific at forcing schedules, but now you have to develop your own. That is a great skill to develop - project management.

For example:
8-9am - rise and shine - get a read on the day - plan…
9-10am - develop skills - coding, strategy …
10-11am - outdoor time (go for walk, kick a ball around,
11-12pm - prepare lunch/afternoon snack
12-1pm - house chores (cycle one room to focus on each day)

plenty of variations - talk to others in your home and see if you can plan out a schedule that makes sense for your setting.

Like Foster, I am working on projects - I am building a 3d printer designed by Leland Crowther (44, QCC2) and I am sure I am going to hit road blocks, so I am sure I will be emailing friends for help… I am going to learn more about CAD (you can expect me reaching out to VEXforum for help)… and I will be doing as much as I can to support students locally and afar…


Thanks man your video helped me lots.

If anything, refine your old bot. It’s fun to have another competition, but don’t burn yourself out for it

I get what you’re dealing with. I’m a team captain for a team of first years (myself included). I put so many hours and so much blood and sweat and tears and energy into my robot this season with two goals: rank in top 10 once and qualify for state… neither of those happened. When I didn’t qualify for state, I was crushed and I didn’t take it well at all. I lost so much motivation and ended up getting really sick for a few days and had to stay home from school. When I finally got to go back, looking at my robot physically hurt me so I threw myself into another quote unquote “project”: helping my sister team qualify for worlds. I hid my robot in a corner in the back of our shop and spent all of my time resetting the field and coming up with potential strategies for my sister team. In the end, they ended up qualifying for worlds and it just made me even more unmotivated. After state, my sister team and my team started preparing for our state TSA comp, scheduled for March 18th. Then corona started making its way around more and our district banned out of state travel, which was then followed by worlds cancellation, and shortly thereafter, TSA cancellation. My entire club has been feeling super unmotivated but we’ve recently started to reflect on it and as @Connor was saying earlier, we’ve slowly come to the realization that if we let ourselves remain unmotivated, that will continue to be something we struggle with through the rest of our vex careers. With our school now getting shut down for the next 2+ weeks, we’re going to be able to distance ourselves just enough where we can regain our motivation and I’m hoping that when we get back to school, we’ll have our motivation back. Basically, my advice is to just take a step back if you need but realize how important it is that you remain motivated and it’ll hopefully help you a lot :slight_smile:


I find this surprising, since one of my main sources of motivation is to make a robot that will wow other teams. (Task failed successfully this season)

I also just keep iterating the robot. I find this a good way to improve without outside competition, or when the season is over. Despite the US Open and States Invitational being cancelled, I will continue to build my rebuild for those tournaments.

Remember: if it doesnt work, just keep trying. Its gotta work eventually…right???
I mean I did place dead last at my first tournament (I got beaten by an incomplete robot).


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