UNOFFICIAL Autoloader to Skyrise base measuring poll

The question was raised within our team last week, what is exact measurement supposed to be of the Autoloader to the Skyrise base, center to center? So we measured both Red and Blue sides of our field and it measures exactly 21.5" center to center. This measurement is crucial for many of us for our autonomous routines.

The VEX field specs say 23.5" from the wall to center of the autoloader(autoloader ring measures 2" from mounting surface to the center of the ring) so…if you subtract the 2" from the wall surface to the center of the ring that gives you 21.5" The center to center measurement is whats important here.(21.5") So this what we expect it to be at Worlds.

Maybe some of the other teams can measure their fields and we can get abroad field sample of this measurement. So please measure and post here.:smiley:

ALL the Metric teams please ignore this post this is for Imperial teams ONLY!:p:p