UNOFFICIAL: Changing attachments during a match

In answer to post:

Unlike FLL, Vex IQ rules are not designed to have the robots have attachments removed during the match intentionally. If something false off unintentionally, then there is no penalty, but it cannot be designed to do so as part of it’s operation.

You can, however, have different attachments for the robot that can be replaced in-between matches. Provided it still meets the rules of the 3 parts of the robot and has been inspected in that configuration.

Some teams may do this to alter the operation of the robot a bit between driver and autonomous skills. Or skills and team matches.

I’m thinking that they might have big scooper or something that is difficult to park with. Removing the scoop will make it easy to park especially with a bigger robot as their Alliance partner. I doubt this will be legal because that was not supposed to be manipulated to take advantage of it as part of your strategy.