Unofficial: Extra awards?!

In the official VEX Worlds Q&A, @9364F asked:

By looking on the RobotEvents “Awards” tab, you can see that there is no Innovate Awardee listed. That certainly makes it look like they didn’t (and won’t) present that award.

Why could you submit one if there was none available

One possible explanation is they made a mistake, and forgot to present the award. That seems unlikely, since they would just contact the team directly and get the award to them by shipping it if necessary.

Another possible explanation is their intended Innovate Awardee didn’t attend the event, so they haven’t yet decided what to do about it. Also seems unlikely, since they would either announce it and send the award, if attendance isn’t required, or move down to the first available choice that did attend. They did neither of those.

One other possiblity is that they reviewed the available Innovate entries and decided no team had earned the award. That seems possible.

And just to be clear, I have no idea what happened. These are just the range of possilbities that I’ve seen happen at other events.

Was IQ allowed to submit for these? If so, it would be on Tuesday because we received an email for one of our online awards to be there then.

That’s great news! I hope your interpretation is the correct one. But it is my understanding that VEX IQ Worlds is a completely separate event in regard to awards.

My understanding is often wrong, though.

It takes alot of humility to say that especially when it is seldom true. Is EC3 back in the lab this week?

Thanks for the kind words, though I’m not sure I agree. Hard though it is to believe, many of the teams are competing today, tomorrow, and Wednesday in the Kentucky State TSA VEX Championhip event. It’s a 1-v-1 tournament format, which is cool. But they are all well and truly tired. The TSA event is held at one of the hotels at the Ky Expo Center. Mr. Neagle just told them they have some free time this afternoon, so they may walk over to the VEX IQ event. I’m going up myself shortly.

When I dropped my wife off at the airport this morning there were still lots of VEX teams leaving Louisville. I would have expected most people to already have cleared out.

I believe they’ll be back in class and doing reflections on 2017 Worlds sometime soon.