(Unofficial) V5 Controller Ergonomic Upgrade Kit, 8 Paddle Scuf, USB-C, Belt-clip Holster, etc

Well it’s been about a week since I’ve leeked it, and I’ve got a “functioning” prototype of my ‘V5 Controller Ergonomic Upgrade Kit’. My ideas for more (theoretically)ergonomic features quickly made it more than just a scuf controller so it’s named as such.
I was hoping to have it ready for the 2022 ‘Make It Real’ CAD Online Challenge, but I was unfortunately unable to complete the report in time so I guess I’ll have to wait until next year to submit it, but I’ll go ahead and leek it now anyways.

Right now I still have a few features to add and quite a bit more polishing up to do, but here’s what I’ve got done so far on the V1 design:

It’s got a paddle for all 8 face buttons,
A USB-C extension to the top to match the rest of the I/O ports / to protect the controller’s port,
And a holster so you don’t accidentally lose it after setting it down somewhere at a competition.

I’m not quite satisfied with it’s design so I’m going to hold off on releasing the files until it’s done, but I’ll hopefully have a V2 done within another week or so which will maybe look less like a brick attached to a clipboard, but we’ll see how everything turns out.

(And yes, you’ll be able to use a Micro-USB extension instead of a USB-C adapter if you are so inclined)


If you have a suggestion for another feature to add to the upgrade, feel free to tell me and I’ll try to fit it in if I can.

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Very smart. Looking forward to trying trying a public version when it’s ready!


What a tease! :slight_smile: You could release the Beta files and let people remix it as well.


This is awesome, I’ll definitely print one of these when you release the files!


I’m having trouble fixing some problems that came up with the original Inventor files after I went through them again to make the final report for the Online Challenge so I’m not able to release those files yet, but I do have the .obj files from when I 3D Printed the prototype.

It might not be the best experience yet as it’s only V1 (for example, the bottom paddles are a bit awkward, and the clamshells need a ton of support), but if you really want them you can download it here:

Here's a quick guide for how to lay the parts out for 3d printing:
A,B,Left,Down paddles

These are pretty self explanatory to place: Flat side down, pointy side up.

Support material will be needed for the button pushers.

Y,Right paddles

These ones are also pretty self explanatory.

They might seem like they don’t need support material, but they do for a small cutout.

This cutout was necessary to let the washers on the screw joint have a flat surface to contact, while also keeping the angled button pusher easy to print

X,Up paddles

I printed these paddles in this orientation:

But you could do it like this if you wanted:

Support material is needed for both orientations.

Clamshell Halves

Both halves should be printed on their sides.

Quite a bit of support material will be needed.
If you have an option that says ‘Everywhere’, then just use that. It’ll be unnecessarily supported in a couple of places, but it’ll save a lot of time placing supports manually.

Holster Dovetail Slot Test

I printed it like this:

In which case supports are needed in the rectangular space underneath the locking arm, but shouldn’t be needed in the Dovetail Slot itself.

But I just now realized that you could place it like this if you wanted:

The locking arm might be a bit weaker, so look out for that, but then you should only need supports in the holes.

Holster Belt Clip

I really don’t recommend using this one as it was thrown together to test out the holster concept, and is pretty uncomfortable to wear.
But if you really want it, Printing it like this would be ideal for strength:

Supports are needed for the clip and the holes.


Here’s a link to the USB-C adapter I used for the kit:

This is the Micro USB extension that will also be supported in V2: (You could make it work with V1 if you modified the screw spacing and the plug slot)


Have you considered a right-angle ribbon cable? It should be possible to slim down on some of the bulk quite significantly by using one. I was able to find this W3-T4B cable on aliexpress which looks like it would do the job, and although it doesn’t have any surface mount holes, it should be possible by nature of the PCB to design the print to hold it in place.


Sorry to reopen this thread, I know its been 18 days, but has anyone printed out the version 1 of this yet? I want to print this out before my state championship(march 5th) but I want to know how well it works and how comfortable it is to use before I use a ton of filament on it. So if anyone has printed it please let me know your thoughts on it and what settings you used to print it (Layer height, rafts, supports, etc.)

I have not printed it, but if I were a competitor, I would have two weeks ago to try it out. Filament is around $25 per kg… (PLA…) … I do not think the design uses that much.

Maybe you can try it out, give feedback on the forum?


I only have a little bit of filament left and I’m currently saving for something else so I don’t want to print this and have it not really work and use most of the filament I have at the moment, but I’ll probably just go ahead and print it and hope for the best. Hopefully it works first try and all the stuff doesn’t take too long to print.

Look forward to your results.


Right now I’m printing Dwane the ring Johnson to give to @Diz and @DodgeDoodle_41442A at state but I’m going to start the clamshell as soon as that finishes. Hopefully it should all be done in like a week. I’ll post the results when I’m done.

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do i need to import them in inches instead of mm or just scale them up a ton (if scale, how much)?
Right now its in MM and is like 2 by 2 by 5 lol

2540% is the magic number to scale up by (25.4 mm in an inch).


This is very nice, I’d love to print one!
However, I only need the scuf part, and don’t care much about the usb-c extension or the belt clip. Is it possible that there will be a version later that does not have those?

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Sorry for the lack of updates, Other things have taken priority over this project (such as designing/building bots so I can actually compete in Vex) so unfortunately I haven’t got a whole lot done on V2 yet.
I don’t have a good estimate for how long it’ll be until it’s done, but I can say it’ll be 3 weeks at a minimum before I can really start work on it again.

I have been looking into right-angle cables, but I’ve had a pretty difficult time finding one that’ll work.
While the one you linked seems like the best option design-wise I’ve seen so far, one of the goals of the project is to use parts that’d be readily available (or fast/easy to acquire) to most teams and that cable has an estimated shipping time from China to the USA of about 1 month.

I personally used a layer height of .30mm to get the prototype printed quicker, and didn’t use any rafts on my Prusa i3 with a smooth PEI spring steel print bed, but it may be a different story for you depending on the material/texture of your print bed.
I tried to design them in such a way that they’ll use as little support material as possible (the lower clamshell half being the only exception), there is a dropdown of the recommended orientation to print the parts in my previous post.

Well I can say it works pretty well but the lower paddles seem a bit awkward to me, but I also haven’t had a whole ton of lot with it yet so it might be fine after a while.

Yes, in the future you will be able to get models without certain features if you don’t want them. But as I stated before it’ll be a while until I can work on it.


If you haven’t gone too far into V2 dev yet, maybe look into something like a lever rather than a paddle. We have a long piece where you apply a bit of pressure for it to trigger the buttons, but I’m not too sure how that could be implemented with the brick on the bottom