Update to REC Foundation Community - December 9 2022

I understand the community is waiting for an update from the REC Foundation about our future plans and appreciate your patience. Our unwavering goal and continued focus is to inspire and prepare students to become innovative leaders through our robotics, drone and work development programs. There are many options still being evaluated and several legal issues to work out, therefore we are conscious of communicating items that may change. However, below is our current status:

We are waiting to hear who the new CEO will be at IFI/VEX and how the restructuring will impact the REC Foundation Robotics programs and VEX Worlds.

We will work with the new IFI/VEX CEO on how to continue to support VEX Robotics competitions but ensure there are no conditions that prevent REC Foundation from operating independently.

We are exploring ways to allow some additional part options and rules changes without changing the core of the competition.

We are also in the process of rebuilding our board to include a diverse set of representatives from industry, education and other nonprofits. I have just recently met with two industry leaders, one from a large corporation and a second from a leading STEM university, that are excited to join the REC Foundation Board.

We are revamping our bylaws to better shape and guide our organization for the future. I will communicate to the Board weekly on the progress to implement all new initiatives.

We are continuing to evaluate and improve our Youth Protection Program policies and procedures to keep our students safe from abuse.

Internally, we will bring in new, outside HR resources to provide additional support to our staff and enhance compliance, health, safety and security, and skills training for all employees. This will include an outside anonymous hotline.

These are the first steps and as we continue our internal evaluations and discussions with our staff, the Student, Coach and Event Partner Advisory Boards. We are committed to listening to community feedback on what additional changes are needed to our programs and our organization to provide the highest quality and ethical programs possible.

If you have questions, concerns or positive suggestions for paths forward, please contact me via email.

Best Regards,
Dan Mantz
CEO – REC Foundation


Just to remind everyone, Dan specifically asked that questions and concerns be addressed via email.