URGENT: .f3d file upload issue

Hello, I am trying to finalize my entry for the make it real CAD challenge, and I am unable to upload the .f3d file that Fusion exports.
I know this is a little on the late side, as the challenge closes tomorrow, but that happens more than we all would like.

It seems that you @JaniceMiller are the one to answer most of these questions.

If it helps, here is the link , entry ID# 6044.

After further testing with other large files, it appears that the upload will go for exactly 30 seconds, then freeze. If this timeout can be increases that might be solve the issue.


One of the factors is that we do have a maximum file size, which this challenges submissions should not be coming close to.

If you wouldn’t mind simply emailing me at Dillon_lee@roboticseducation.org I will help you get it uploaded if you are still having issues.