Use of non VEX CERTIFIED rubber bands in competition.

Rule <R7> section B states:

So say you are using rubber bands for your roller intake, but you don’t have easy access to VEX CERTIFIED rubber bands.(probably $20 per tiny pack of them) Has anyone ever not passed inspection because of this? As long as they are generally the same size, to my understanding a component is still considered vex identical if it is a different color, nothing to worry about? (of course nothing would ever happen at local tournaments, you will be lucky if the inspectors/referees even know what ITZ is) but if our team gets to worlds, I am not sure how much they inspect robots there. I have heard inspectors are a lot more strict at worlds.

probably the stupidest question ever, but hey I thought I would ask it anyway.

As long as you use #32 or #64 size rubber bands you will be fine

they’re like a dollar 50 for 20…

but any rubber band should be allowed as long as they are the certified sizes allowed. same goes for screws I believe

the alliance orange rubber bands on amazon are usually some of the highest quality

You just need to use the same size rubber bands, the colour or company doesn’t matter.
Our robot actually has rubber bands that are not the orange VEX Certified ones and we passed inspection.

And when we went to worlds last year, we were using VEX Certified rubber bands, but I saw a lot of other teams with rubber bands identical to the ones that VEX sells, but not the same colour.

And I saw the teams playing in matches, so they passed inspection alright with rubber bands that are not VEX Certified.

If I ever see someone with illegal rubber bands, I’m gonna report them to the popo

uses illegal rubber bands on vex robot coach: why is the fbi here

In all honestly, my team really only gets pounds boxes of rubber bands from non-vex sources and it ends up being much cheaper.

They just have to be the same size. For example, I use Black Ones.

The non-VEX Certified rubber bands that we have are a weird puke colour and smell like dead fish breath.

That is very descriptive lol