Using Controller’s Screen to show something

I want to use the screen of the controller,to make it show up some information ,but I don’t hao to use it exactly ,can anyone help me?Thanks.(I’m a senior high school student in China ,so my English isn’t very good,sorry)

Not sure how to do that. Someone who knows will probably reply soon. Good luck!



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Here’s an example snippet to draw some text to the V5 Controller screen:

controller   Controller1;

int main() 
  Controller1.Screen.print("Hello World");
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Drawing to the screen is very useful. I used it last year:

If you are using PROS, here is the documentation for setting text to a screen:

* With PROS, you have to delay between each command by 50ms. If you don’t, the commands you send will not be forwarded to the controller, which only updates every 50ms.

I believe VEXCode automatically inserts those delays in the controller commands for you.


There was this one time when someone told me that you could not draw to the screen for V5, or is that only for Pros?

V5 Blocks can do this as well.



You probably misunderstood the person.
There has never been a point in time that any of the languages didn’t support sending text to the controller screen, certainly not PROS.

What they probably said is that you can’t draw to the screen, meaning sending pixel data to draw images. Doing that is not supported by VEXos, so none of the softwares can do it.

You can send text and other ASCII art to the screen.

Unless I misunderstood you and you did mean drawing, in which case you are correct in that you can’t do it.

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Thanks everybody,I’ll try it tomorrow when I comeback to school.

Would you know how to reset the screen after the text sequence is done with, to where it just shows the default images while the code is still running? Like the run time, the controller logo, and the battery percentage.

5 years later…

However, there is no way to revert to the default screen until the user program stops.