Using Rachets To Power-Share In IQ - Video

I made another video! Mind my voice, I was sick during filming so it sounds weird. Here it is!

The part is in Gen 2 kits, I had to steal it from @Jobe to make this, so a big thank you to him for being so easy to steal from!


That’s a really cool mechanism! I have been interested in that part ever since I saw it on the purple dispenser, but I never got the chance to test things out with it. Great video!

Working on a CAD file of the demo I made, I’ll put it here once it’s ready.

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Do you have a CAD file set of VIQC legal parts that can be used in Onshape? New program here. :slight_smile:

Very cool video Milo!

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Thanks! This is what I had been looking for but obviously didn’t wade through the website far enough. :slight_smile:

Okay, here’s the link! I made it in Tinkercad for universal access.

Please note that for the internal mechanism, I grouped each shaft to the part it moves with. You can figure that out by clicking on the different gears.

Here is an image showing where the rubber band goes:

Rubber Band Placement


Wait… does tinkercad have vex iq parts?

No, I modelled them in Fusion and exported the stl files. I use LDCad for IQ but it doesn’t have the Pawl in it.

Oh, and that will still need shaft collars. I just left them out so the shafts were visible.