Using scoring app on iphone at event

In review of <G7>, drivers are allowed to have communication devices (phones) on their person as long as they are in airplane mode.

Often I see students trying to quickly add up their own score in order to confirm the score the referees are asking them to confirm. There are apps that can be used in airplane mode that would allow them to add up the scoring.

Posting this question to see if there is a rule I have overlooked that would prevent a student from using these apps in the driver station (as opposed to a 3rd teammate outside the ropes) in order to quickly verify their own score before confirming with the referees.

The rulebook does not say anything about cell phones other than the communications thing, and you know what that means…

Final answer:

If not directly ruled against and with the realms of common sense, it is legal when talking about Vex.


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