Using the Bags from last years blocks on robot

Hey Y’all,

So my team was wondering if it is legal to use the bag from the blocks from Starstruck on our robot as a sort of barrier from cones falling into it. We would not end up using anything except vex official parts, but we also don’t want to risk anything with worlds coming up. So is it legal? Also if that isn’t legal would maybe using a small piece of tarp legal?

-Team A

Based on this, I would say no to the starstruck cube bag.
The tarp would most definitely not be legal.
If you want an official answer, ask during the official Q&A at Worlds.

For more info please refer to <R5>, <R6> and <R7> in the game manual.

Okay, Thank you!

instead, you can use anti-slip mat like you see most teams doing.