V4 vs V5

Hey, guys I just want to know everyone’ s opinion on the V4 vs V5. Please comment on which one you guys prefer the most? You can also list your opinions.

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Our team is using V5 this year. Even though it takes a lot of time to ship, the motors are 2-3 times more powerful. It would take about 16 motors to match the strength of V5 motors. The brain is easier to use (it has a touch screen interface), and the controller, even though it is a little bit awkward, has a screen on it too. The battery is easier to attach to the robot and fully charges in 1 hour!


V5 is better in every way that I can think of except, cost. If you can afford it, you should get V5. If you can’t, “V4” should work just fine.

Note: the cortex system is not technically called V4. That would make sense, but VEX didn’t name it V5 because it came after V4.


the only pro i see of cortex is that it has more motors but V5 is much more powerfull and much much better in many ways

Motor power
battery power
battery indicators
touchscreen on controller and brain
easy to manage cables
interchangeable cables
built in rotation measurement on motors(i think at least thats what i was told by my programmer)
better vexnet keyes
great aesthetics

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  • V4
  • V5

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My team is using V5 this year but we have experience with Legacy. Legacy is much more reliable since it has been out for longer but V5 is much more powerful and if you can get your hands on it you will thank yourself. V5 took really long to ship when it was first released but when they rereleased it after tp ended we got V5 in a weeks time


Yeah it’s not even a competition, V5 all the way. The RJ11 connectors are far superior to the legacies hobby connectors. The lack of PTCs in V5 is huge, the motor controllers being integrated into the motor is also a huge help, the list goes on. Legacy doesn’t really compare.


With batteries although the v5 offers more consistentcy the v4 battery is in practice better as it is able to run for longer and can be used alongside power eXpander


There is no such thing as "V4"!!!


I thought V4 is the Vex IQ system. V3 is the Cortex-based system.

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Neither of those are correct. V5 is the only thing named with a “V”. Vex just decided to start with 5.

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which is better

  • V4 or “VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller electronics platform and control system,”
  • V5

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here happy now @Barin

Yes, once they name something V5 they had it coming!

I have heard that it is the fifth “brain,” so we would naturally start counting back… right???

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@dchoi77 am i to understand that https://youtu.be/h8Y5sTDvAmw was done on V4 or “VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller electronics platform and control system,”

That’s a V5 robot, you can see the brain and motors pretty clearly in the linked video.

i know @holbrook but he voted for VEX ARM® Cortex®-based Microcontroller electronics platform and control system and not v5 which is why i was confused

There isn’t any comparison between the Cortex and V5. V5 blows it out of the water in every way.

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Except with ESD protection. If you live in colder climate, like I do, schools turn on heat in early fall, air gets dry, and static builds up.

I don’t remember Cortex having any ESD problems, but our V5 whitescreens all the time.

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I’ve had multiple issues with the Cortex dying due to ESD.

No but v4 is too expensive.