V5 Autonomous

Any tips hints tricks to get started on V5 autonomous. We need help! Thanks

this topic category suggests you are still using vex coding studio, vex coding studio has been discontinued, and I strongly recommend you use the newer vexcode:

on the other hand, you’ve tagged this topic with programming:pros, so you may be using pros as well. if you’ve never coded an autonomous before, pros may be a bit ambitious to start with, as pros is usually considered an advanced programming platform. I would still recommend vexcode for beginners.
take a look at some of the vexcode sample programs, many will show you good examples of basic autonomous programs, like driving forward for a certain distance.

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I gather we are using Vex code. Where do we go to get started? I’m an advisor trying to get my kids some info. Clueless when it comes to coding😂

well, there are really three main ways to go about the drive portion for autons. There is time code, encoder based, and the most complex p/pi/pd/pid controllers. Time code tells the motors to spin for a certain amount of time. I do not like time code as it can be inconsistent and there are better ways of doing things, although with V5 time code has become more accurate. My personal recommendation for new teams is to read this post and set up a motor group and a drivetrain. That way you can use commands like, robotdrive.driveFor(direction, distance, units, velocity, velocity units). This uses the integrated encoders and some math to calculate how much the motors need to rotate in order for the robot to move a certain distance. The third type, pid controllers, use constants to adjust the motor speed and lower it as it approaches the target. This is a litter complex and I would not recommend it for starters, however, there are plenty of topics related to this if they want to learn later on. VEXcode, motor groups and drivetrain example

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you can start either with blocks or text, personally I would start with blocks then goto text but if you want to then start with text. using the examples will get you give you basic coding.