V5 battery dry cell or wet cell

Are V5 batteries dry or wet cell batteries?

V5 batteries contain four lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePO4) cells which are dry cells.
Image below of the cells was taken by u/meepmeepme


Wet cells are full of liquid, like your car battery. There’s also a battery called a gel cell, which is kind of in-between.

Depends on temperature as one of the factors… no?

I don’t think you do ?

No, it’s just what form the electrolyte in the cells is. “dry cells” are actually “moist cells” as they are filled with a slightly damp paste rather than an acid solution. But there must be a ion transport system within the cell to support the chemical reaction, and ions cannot generally travel through solid materials, only liquids. There is a newer wet cell called a “sodium nickel chloride cell” which you must heat to nearly 500°F to melt the sodium salt first, then it works as a wet cell. Below 500°, the sodium salt is solid and it doesn’t work.