V5 Battery expansion

In the old Cortex system we had the battery expanders to add a second battery. Is there any way in V5 to operate on more than one battery? Or even on a power supply?

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You can use a V5 charger to charge the battery simultaneously while it’s connected to the V5 brain.

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Thats very helpful, would at least extend the usage. So, there is no issue with it attempting to be charged while operating, even for high current draw in operation? This is for a non-competition application

Yes the battery will charge even while the robot is on. Now in regards to current, the V5 brain automatically throttles current based upon how many motors. So if you want to use multiple motors you will probably be sacrificing power for more motors. @jpearman sorry for ping, but do you know where I can find the current throttling graph based upon the number of motors?

Does it throttle them actively, based on present usage? Or does it throttle them pre-compile, essentially based upon the number of motors in setup?

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Until I am certain, or until it gets clarified, take what I say as a grain of salt. I believe the current is based upon how many motors are connected (not how many motors are running/algorithmic).

Thanks much, we have 10 motors, but only 4 using decent current at a time.

The robot brain limits power at 2.5amp per motor and 20amp for the robot. If you use more than 8 motors at once, you will see a reduction in performance. Previously, the motor power would be limited if you placed more than 8 on one brain as it would place a lower current limit on the motor regardless of usage.

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You can still use 393 motors on V5, using the 3 wire ports connected to an Cortex expander. I bet you can find out how to code 393 motors relatively easily.


Perfect, thank you guys

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Yeah, we only have about 50 of those sitting around :slight_smile:
Looking for fun projects for the little PM motors.