V5 Competition Super Kit robot picture?

Every Vex kit has a picture of a robot, and all but one doesn’t seem to have instructions on the Vex EDR robot builds? Does anyone know if instructions for this robot are available anywhere? thanks. It seems to be better and much more efficient than the other ones.



seems vex is endorsing the complex tray design.
I noticed this bot during the ref training videos as well. I actually didn’t even realize vex had instructions for competition specific bots until a few weeks ago


So do you know where they have information about this robot?

no I do not, they don’t appear to have any build instructions for tower takeover yet.

Do they usually release more advanced robots during midseason. If they do, I can assume that the super flip was also released mid season.

I have no idea, I didn’t even know there were any build instructions on the vex website until a few weeks ago.

I honestly dont think that vex will ever release instructions for that design, since everyone would be able to build a competition bot through instructions, and that would kinda ruin the point of learning.

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they did last year. there are instructions on a cap bot with a flywheel.

Where did they put those instructions?

super flip was the cap bot flywheel.

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Wow… I looked over that page a few times but never saw that flywheel back there.


When did they release last season?

Same, I just realized after looking over it thoroughly. it was kind of hard to spot.

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How many teams actually used the super flip for competition?

I probably viewed something like 100 (extremely rough estimate, I attended 6 events, with around 20 teams each, but I saw a lot of the same bots at multiple events) different robots all of last season. Not a single one was super flip. Or any of the builds with instructions. likely due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to get to the robot builds page, and it isn’t advertised. I actually have no idea how to get tot robot builds page, I found the link a few weeks ago here, posted by @CarCar.


That’s kind of interesting how teams have had a hard time finding the page, however I didn’t find it intentionally I was just browsing around the Vex website, outside at school when I had nothing to do.

how exactly do you get there anyways?
the path says: home > edr > support > builds, but I can’t find any links to the builds page on the support page.

Here’s the builds page.
And the link:


I found it here on the mobile site:



oh I found it. it can only be found in the drop down menu of support, not on the support page itself. thanks @dhmmjoph