V5 Controller keeps vibrating

We have a V5 Beta since some weeks, and one week ago we tried the controller’s vibration function. The problem is that now, without selecting any program, besides running a program, it keeps vibrating.
We have tried to update controller’s and brain’s firmware using the “VEXos firmware updater utility”, however it didn’t work. In addition to download a different program which change the vibration pattern or set it to “Controller.rumble(” “);” (). Neither worked.
Does somebody knows how to stop the vibration? It’s the beta version, we also have an official one, but we would like to solve this annoying problem.

Would you mind posting your code?

Well, it vibrates without running any code, just when we turn it on it starts vibrating.
However here is the code we used it to try to stop the vibration (it didn’t work neither while the program was running).


using namespace vex;

brain Brain;
controller gamepad = controller();


#include "robot-config.h"
using namespace vex;
int main() {
    gamepad.rumble(". . .");
    gamepad.rumble(" ");

It’s on overload and will explode once the warp field is saturated. I’d run.

Ok, this is actually pretty hilarious. Have you tried resetting the controller?


Yes, I have tried pressing the reset button but only turns off and on again the controller, without stopping the vibration.

Open the controller and disconnect vibration motor?

@M8R Uhm… Yes, we can try it, it’s a beta, not needed for competitions, and it woukd be only that motor. If we don’t find any other solution, we will try that, thanks!

Try removing this line from your code

gamepad.rumble(". . .");


@0b101 Running the code without that line, controller still vibrating

This is starting to seem like a hardware or firmware failure. It’s weird that you could turn it on but it won’t turn off. If there was a hardware issue, like the MOSFET(I’m assuming) being shorted, it would have happened immediately, instead of when you first turned the rumble motor on. This is a interesting failure. At least it is beta equipment and not the final product.

We had one that did that out of the box - just kept vibrating. It worked … I upgraded firmware, etc. hoping that the problem would go away. It didn’t.

I contacted support, they swapped the controller.

@jack202020 @action000 yes, at least it is. I will contact support and see what happens, but I think they wouldn’t replace it due to it is a beta. Thanks anyway!!

The MOSFET (or whatever other circuitry) may not have been dead on arrival. It could have been killed at some later point while trying to use the vibration circuitry, probably due to a separate bad component or bad soldering.

We had a team who’s controller was exhibiting this behaviour at yesterday’s event. I tried power cycling and doing a hard reset, but neither had any effect. The team was using the latest firmware and didn’t have any user code using the rumble function.

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I’m surprised there isn’t a rumbleStop function.