V5 Emulator

With the lack of ability for many of us, including me, to access our robots, its very hard to write better code for next year and squash bugs. I remember hearing something about a V5 emulator from @jpearman. If what I remember is correct, is there any chance of this emulator getting a public release? If so, would it be compatible with PROS?

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I really don’t think VEXcode VR is of interest to @DrewWHOOP or many of the other more advanced programmers in the community.


I found the original post that showed the emulator in question:


Robot Mesh Studio mimic may be a fit for you. Design, build and program your own robot and arena (environment); and code in Blockly, Python or C++ (Chrome/new Edge browser only for C++).


Help can getting started can also be found on YouTube at https://youtube.com/robotmesh


Does RMS mimic support PROS binaries?

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No. Currently the Robot Mesh Studio C++ API is very similar to VEX Code’s C++ API

literally, when it says “Don’t ask” that is code for core developer only tool.

Been there, done that.

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No the simulator would not work with PROS, not impossible to achieve that, but it would take a bunch of work.

I developed the simulator originally to help debug the graphics sub-system on the V5, but it actually includes all the vexos code (on the user program side of the cpu) including the scheduler we use for VEXcode. Porting the scheduler was a bit tricky, but the result is that VEXcode threads work exactly as they do on the V5. The complication we have with the simulator is distribution, it needs either XCode or Visual Studio installed to provide all the development libraries needed, we never really figured out an easy way to provide a build environment. We got to the stage where the user program was compiled to a dll (or dylib on Mac) that was loaded by the simulator application, but the problem still existed that development tools were needed and there was also the possibility of having all sorts of issues with permissions as everything would end up being unsigned.

simulation of motors and other devices was also never really finished, there is capability in some of the code that would allow providing things like motor encoder values and receiving motor commands, but they all needed hooking up to some type of “virtual world” type environment, that’s never been done.

It’s unlikely at this point to ever be released publicly.

You may find the pros sim being developed here works for you.


That unfortunately seems to be just a graphical simulator.