V5 Motor Allowance

Reading the Tipping Point manual, there is no mentioned motor limit. Does this mean we can use as many as we want? Otherwise, are they going to eventually add a restriction? Just wondering as I saw a robot on YouTube for this competition with 9 motors.

It’s definitely in the manual. Take another look.


I read through the robot section like three times. It’s not in there. Take a look for yourself.

Try using the search feature (ctr + f) on windows, in order to find the contents you are looking for. Something like “motor” will get you there eventually but I recommend searching for “control system.” No need to challenge the knowledgeable people trying to help you.


<R18> Robots use one control system. Robots may use a V5 Robot Brain, up to eight (8) V5 Smart Motors, and a legal VRC pneumatic system.

ctrl+f is your friend.


Thank you. Now I’m just left wondering why that team used 9 motors.

I didn’t mean any offense. Sorry if any was taken.

probably used one motor for two different tasks, with motor sharing. It’s common to list both subsystems a shared motor powers separately.


It could have been a Vex U team. Or it could have been me :wink:.


Man, I laughed so hard at that. But anyways, thank you guys for the instruction on the motor count. If anyone knows, could they answer a question for me? There wasn’t a count for how many V4 motors we could use in the game manual, but I heard that we could use twelve. I’m not sure if that’s correct and if it is correct, I was wondering whether or not I could do something like 9 motors, but with 7 V5 and 2 V4 and mix and match. My robot’s idea currently needs 9 motors, which is a problem.

R 6

Electronics from the VEX Cortex control system are not permitted. This includes the VEXnet Joystick, VEXnet Partner Joystick, VEX ARM® Cortex-based Microcontroller, VEXnet Key 1.0 and 2.0, 2-Wire Motor 393, and any other electronic components which are not compatible with the VEX V5 system.

You can also use pneumatics.


Ah. Thanks. I can’t wait to see a robot that uses the pneumatics. It’d be hilarious if a robot could Rocket League jump or something crazy like that.


Firstly… there is no V4 motors. It was 393 motors.

And you can’t find it in the manual because Cortex control system is totally not allowed from this season onwards.


Broken axles have entered the chat

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I gatch you

Ok, maybe not a rocket league jump, but…


Are you kidding, I’m going to be too busy trying to recreate that. I ain’t going to worlds. lol

Wait, does this mean that we are allowed to use the 8 motors, and pneumatics together? Not like tower takeover where if you used pneumatics you could only use I believe 6 motors?


you are permitted up to 8 v5 motors, and up to 2 pneumatic air canisters.


I think that there is a limit of 8 motors. With the university level you don’t have a limit of motors.

I understand you’re trying to help out, but your point has already been iterated several times throughout this thread, so there was really no need.