V5 Motor problem (URGENT)

Hey, we recently got our v5 motor and upon testing it, we heard a weird whining noise. This noise wasnt due to dead band on the controller as we were running it on full speed, under no load. The motor also was not moving. Is there anything we can do to fix/repair this motor? We also tried to move the shaft with our hand, and we were able to do so. We only have 8 motors and without this one we cannot complete our robot. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Does the motor work when you change the port?
  2. Does the motor work when you change the cartridge with another one?
    If the motor does not work after 1, move on to 2. If 2 does not work either contact VEX for a replacement motor because the motor is broken.
    I found most of my problems occured because of static. Cut a slit in electric tape and push the motors V5 wire through the slit. Plug the V5 wire into the motor and wrap the electric tape around the motor. This should help protect the port from static charge entering the motor and breaking the internals and/or port on the brain. After competing in 2 competitions, both with different referees, I never got stopped and told to take the electric tape off during inspections, and I never broke a motor or motor port since I made the change.

Not sure this is a way of eliminating electro static discharge, but from inspection purposes the tape is used for wire management.

Make sure your code is sending the proper values to the motor. Try running the motor through the devices menu on the brain.

I did try changing the port, the program, and cartridge. None of that worked, so Iā€™m going to contact vex support and hopefully get a replacement.

Have you checked what the log in the brain says? Does it say the motor is overheating?

Might be a faulty motor as others have had, including some of our teams. Whining motor deaths.