V5 Smart Motor Benchmark

Hi, I’m on a team in Toronto Ontario. I haven’t yet gotten my Vex EDR V5 super kit yet. But am excited to begin to explore how the systems work. One of my coaches brought up the idea of having the benchmark the motors, to see how powerful they are. Has anyone done benchmarks? And if so, how are they done? Thanks.

you can check the specs of the motors on the store, under the specs tab or something


Thanks. The first time I checked I couldn’t find it however, I found once I looked to the indivisual motor buying thing. it had more detailed specifcations. However I wanted to know how much it could lift for a certain distance. I wanted to see if anyone had that information.

This could be an interesting project.
Note that some motor specs such as torque/load is shown on the V5 screen.
My advice is to be careful while testing the motors, they are known to break.
As a result of this, our coach yells at anyone who continuously fires something such as a puncher for longer than a few seconds at once.
If you want to do lots of stress testing, make sure you are prepared to potentially lose a motor =)

i haven’t gotten my V5 yet. So I wanted to know if anyone had already done a test.

It seems that people have only done benchmarks for cortex(393 motors)