V5 store multiple programs

Hey, our team is just wondering if we can store more than one program on the V5 Brain. We are using Robot Mesh Studio for our programs

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Sure – up to eight programs, each in a “program slot” numbered 1 to 8.

To choose which program slot you want to use, in the project, click on the big options gear icon, then use the dropdown list to pick the program slot. This project will always download to that slot until you change it in the options.


is there a way to do this using pros instead?

Using the terminal, you can run

prosv5 upload --slot 4

to upload to slot 4 (numbered 1-8 as well). Working on support to do this from within the PROS Editor.

Thanks !!

is there a way to delete these programs from slots?

prosv5 v5 rm-file slot_4.bin --erase-all


@edjubuh is there a way to store file into the vex folder or another folder that is on the brain?

No, the VEX folder is for the default programs that are packaged with VEXos.

what about the user folder?

All eight user programs will be shown in the user folder. The user programs occupying slots 1, 2 and 3 will also appear on the home screen.

ohhh ok thanks alot