V5 VEXCode Blocks Competition template

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For competition control, is the “when started” the pre-auton code?

The “Autonomous” and “Driver” blocks are pretty straightforward.



what are you asking for in this thread?

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Sorry… Edited for clarity…

Correct. “When started” acts as Pre-Autonomous for V5 competition projects


When started

Runs the attached stack of blocks when the the project is started.


How To Use

When started event will be run when the program is started from the VEX IQ Brain’s menu or from the run button in VEXcode IQ Blocks.

All new programs will automatically include a “when started” block.

So it means that it will be runned first no matter how you start it.

This is the help description from the iq blocks software.
Just press the “?” button and press the block to view its description.


The application has a lot of tutorials built-in, including on how to use the competition template, which is one of the example templates bundled. Nicely packaged app support in a user friendly way!

Great job VEXcode dev team!


@DRow can you add a VEXcode V5 Blocks Tech Support subtopic in VEX EDR Technical Support?

To add on to tfriez’s answer, here is a link to an article with more information about the competition template/format for VEXcode V5 Blocks.


2 questions:

  1. When using v5 block, and using the provided competition template. Can I just assign motors on the controller template and not add it into the forever loop (i.e. leave it blank), and it work correctly with the competition switch when driver control is enabled/disabled?

  2. If I use this same template but use the when driver control, but then also use another event block that is not underneath that when driver control block, will it work correctly with the competition switch. an example of this would be to use the “tank control” sample program, along with its controller button blocks, into a competition template format.

Was there a solution to this post? We are going to a competition on Saturday and the teams are struggling with the template as we do not have a switch to check before we arrive. They have been using the setup for the controllers as their driver control functions. They have an autonomous but want to make sure that the driver control will run with the defined tank control and the driver control hat blocks can be blank.

Yes, the “Devices” configured controller code will run only during the “Driver Control” portion of the program when the “Driver Control” hat block is being used. No blocks need to be attached to “Drive Control” for it to work.

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