V5 Vision Sensor Port Broken

Hello @jpearman,

Does the vision sensor have some type of limit on how often it can be accessed by the V5 Code? In the last two weeks we have burned out two vision sensor V5 ports. The vision sensor itself still works through the USB port, but the brain cannot access it. The while loop delay is set to 10ms and the vision sensor is called 6 times in that loop.

Any help solving this problem would be appreciated.

Here is my vision sensor code:

It’s unlikely this is caused by software. More likely, a static shock damaged the smart port on the vision sensor, leaving it unable to communicate with the brain. Unfortunately, VEX has refused to acknowledge the root of this issue, being that there is insufficient protection circuitry in smart devices against static shocks.


No. The vision sensor actually sends object data to the V5 brain when it needs to, calling takeSnapshot just recovers the latest data, think of it as a filter giving you just the objects you want based on the signature supplied.