Velocity of drivetrain motors not changing

There was this problem my team always had when programming velocity for the drivetrain motor. Here’s what I noticed.

  1. No matter what the speed is, if it’s 100%, 1 RPM, 1%, etc. in the program, it will not change velocity and will always remain the same.

  2. This problem specifically happens in driver control, but not 15-second autonomous.

  3. There was a topic on this: Setting drive train velocity. However, this topic was closed on the 29th of November, with no actual solution.

I did what I could in the blocks program, even testing the robot on it’s side to see the difference. But what I saw was no differentiation.

For those who require it, this is the code:

Are there any solutions?

Most of the time the issue is trying to mix drivetrain assigned to the controller in the graphical setup conflicting with code. My advise is to use code as everything is then completely under your control.


I did not understand what you have said. What do you mean by that?

If you have created a drivetrain and controller using graphical configuration.

and then assign the drivetrain to the controller

VEXcode will generate code that directly controls the drivetrain for you, it will send controller values to the drivetrain, you really have no control of the maximum velocity in that case.