Versa Wheels

I was woundering if the Vex Versa Wheels are legal for this years competition. I have seen 21417A’s video but can’t find the same wheel that they are using on Vex’s website.

21417A’s video: Vex Robotics Spin Up Speedway Reveal | 21417A 🏁 - YouTube
Look at timestamp 1:24 in the video at the middle wheel. I can’t find it anywhere. Hopefully someone can help me find the wheels.

traction wheels on the website

They appear to be the new Anti-static Traction wheels.

As for why VEX has chosen to not display any pictures of these wheels on the product page, I have no idea.


No, I believe that they are referring to the Flex Wheels:

@Lucas_Whiteaker check <R6> in the game manual

Thank you so much!!!

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