Very odd downloading problem

so i had a little debugging stdcout that couted “boom”. I later on changed this and made it so it said “test for this”. So on my project, what i did was i went to project.pros and change dthe name to something else (to make sure it downloads) and it DID download, because the name was chnaged from TurretLagannV1 to testTurretLagannV1.

the thing is, when i plugged in my brain and checked the brains terminal, it was cout-ing “boom”, not “test for this”

there is no occurences of the word “boom” in my code. Anywhere. It is the correct program slot, it is the correct file, its just… NOT working?

Also, when it starts up the terminal, it gives the incorrect time that the code was compiled. It says it did it at 10:42 which isn’t the case on my end, as I’ve been uploading and long after then. I don’t really understand this. Also it doesn’t run any code inside driver control or the initialize function, even motor.move. Very strange. Any help is appreciated, as it’s quite impossible to do anything like this. I’m gonna go try making a new project right now, testing that out.

Did you build the project again before uploading it? Changing project.pros will not rebuild the project, and all upload options (project name, icon, slot, etc.) in project.pros will work on upload without needing to rebuild the project.


Yes, I was specifically using pros mu —slot 1. Had no header files or anything either, just main.cpp and me.

but literally I just made a new project and it started working again. Vex is an enigma

No, PROS is an enigma, which is why I recommend it to all my rookie teams.

Sounds like you were not getting a build, did you look in the log to make sure it was built?


Thing is, if it can say that it’s been built but there’s a chance that it actually hadn’t, then no. But in the terminal it said project built and all that good stuff it should say every time. So I at least THINK that it’s been building.

Also yes, didn’t mean to desecrate VEX, vexcode pro never had any issues for me at least. I still like pros api wise more though

So in my life, THINK vs ACTUAL sometimes is a big distance. So checking your logs to see if it really built it would be high on my debug list. Problems with some IDE (looking at you Jetbrains) is that “project built” is not equal to “Ok, so I ran the pre and then compiler and then linker, so you are good to go.”

So I’m happy to smack the living << noun >> out of VEX for bad programming environments. But won’t smack the PROS team. They are doing something great with zero resources.


Hey, thanks for the comments in other places!!

  • If you are an experienced roboteer and think PROS will be good, go for it.
  • you are an inexperienced roboteer and think PROS will be good, don’t.
  • If you are an experienced roboteer and an experienced roboteer asks you and they think PROS will be good, help them go for it.
  • If you are an experienced roboteer and inexperienced roboteer thinks PROS will be good, then push them to something simpler, because you don’t have the time to help them.

I don’t get what you mean by comments in other places, but sure

Also you’re correct, they did write an entire API out of nothing. They’re legit.

I’m assuming “other places” refers to DMs or other threads lauding PROS (lets try to stay on topic this time, ok).


Did you mean “don’t” recommend it to all your rookie teams?