VEX AI Competition

I can’t find any discussion about the VEX AI Competition since April of 2020. Did it happen this year? If so, can someone direct me to more information? Does it have a forum?

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There are a number of teams who have participated, though I’m not aware of any competitions that have actually taken place yet. There is a championship event scheduled for this June though.

As for discussion, that lies in a hidden section somewhere on this forum accessible only by registered VAIC teams. I’m not sure how I feel about this being the case; as someone interested in VAIC I would really have like to see what teams’ experiences were like this year in order that I might make a decision to do VAIC next year.


Thanks for the info. Too bad that forum is not readily available. I would love to see more info from the teams actually doing it.

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To be honest there’s not much to see. We get perhaps one question a week.


Are there many teams doing it this year, and do you think it will happen again next year? My team is interested, but we needs to do some practice builds to prepare. I don’t want to invest the time if it is not a yearly thing.

50 high school teams were accepted for the pilot season, plus however many U teams signed up. Presumably more next season.



You can look at the registered teams & events map and filter by VEX AI Teams. Keep in mind 2020/2021 VAIC is a pilot with limited teams. Word from VEX is they’re working hard on their AI sensor products in time for next season. This season teams are using off the shelf hardware however you can’t just replicate it for practice since the object detection and GPS software is protected by a USB security key. The hardware will change so perhaps just watch this space and I’m sure a VEX/RECF announcement will come in due course.

[edit] So Bob just posted an update - yay!


I just posted an update about VAIC hardware.


Clear Creek ISD in Houston will be hosting the first ever in the US, Texas VEX AI tournament April 16th. This will be an 8 team blended event with high school and university teams competing together. See either event page for the webcast the day of and archived for on demand viewing.


from what I know there is not a forum I have been looking for it myself. but there’ll be competitions I know because I am part of one of the 50 teams that got accepted for this year.

There definitely is a forum. Message @DRow @Jim_Crane for access.

I had thought that information on the forum had been given to AI teams

Correction, message @Jim_Crane :grimacing:


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