VEX AI Jetson Issues

I’m having issues with my Jetson Nano for VEXAI connecting to my computer to calibrate the FLIR… it just turns on and then off. I assume it is because I cannot find a spot for the part in the picture below (the bigger one). If you do not think this is the issue please help with any other ideas!![Photo on 12-29-20 at 4.47 PM

Answered in the other thread you posted the same question to.

thank you! …

@wdr_mentor do you happen to know why I would be having an issue then?

Please be more specific about how you have everything connected (pictures). It’s not clear from your posts if you have everything connected correctly.

Start by checking your setup against the VEX AI knowledgebase:


Sorry for such a late response but this is what happens… it doesn’t load the camera view. image

Can you please post some pictures of how you have plugged everything in?

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This had happened to us too. Ensure that the intel camera is plugged into one of the four USB ports and check that the little green led light on the top is on. Also try connecting to the vex wifi module to see if anything is there either.